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Tas Underpinning, will come and assess your house and if requested, will give you a free No Obligation quote. The procedure for works is as follows:

Assessment: To meet the owner and give an accurate assessment of works that may or may not need to be completed. Some jobs that have minimal brickwork cracking, may not need underpinning and may require only monitoring to see if the cracking worsens. Some jobs have major cracking which in most cases, will need immediate underpinning works carried out.

Quotation: If the house has moved enough and underpinning is required, we will give you an accurate quote for the total cost of the job. Included in this quote would be the number of holes required, patching of brickwork, paths etc. Also all fees, including Council, Engineer and Surveying are allowed for in the quote.

Signing of Documents: If owner accepts quote a Master Builders Association Contract will need to be signed by the owner and Tas Underpinning Pty Ltd. Then all paperwork will be lodged with the relevant authorities.

Construction: We will prepare the site in readiness for excavation work. We will excavate underpinning holes and pour mass concrete pads for each hole, jack the building back as close as possible to it’s original position, shim and dry pack the holes and patch the brickwork. Sometimes excavation is done with machinery and sometimes excavation can only be done manually depending on access to the work site.

Clean Up: The site is to be cleaned up at the completion of works. During underpinning works, if using a machine, some damage to lawns etc can occur. This is discussed with the owner, prior to commencement of work and the owner needs to weigh up the cost saving from using a machine compared to manual labour. Either way can be quoted for.

Please note all holes are inspected, measured and photos taken prior to the pouring of concrete.

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The Underpinning Specialists